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The original miniDSP kit that started our story! A low cost, low power and great sounding module optimized for DIY/System tuning project.  With our “one platform, many configuration” concept, MiniDSP gives great flexibility to engineers, A/V designers and DIYers at a fraction of the cost of typical alternatives to tune their audio system. May it be a multi-way digital crossover, tuning your subwoofer room and simple room correction, it's up to your imagination.















WyreStorm is an award-winning electronics manufacturer passionately committed to the development and production of high quality HD distribution and control solutions at the very forefront of digital technology.

We have our own development laboratories based in Europe and Shenzhen, China – a key location in cutting edge technologies considered widely to be the cradle of new trends in global electronics.

With a research and development team ranking among the leading specialists in the HD distribution industry,our innovative solutions are often born from direct industry feedback to ensure our products, features and services are perfectly suited to the ever-growing number of residential and commercial applications.










Music which is always being with us is not just physical vibration in air, nor an object. Music exists in a sequence of rhythm arranged by musical elements as melody and harmony, but if the rhythm and musical elements cannot reach to us by the physical ways, music will be just an imagination which can’t move our heart and our mind. Otherwise we will definitely feel soul of the music™ and experience the whole of art once the rhythm and musical elements deliver to us.












Since the beginning, over 25 years ago, we have focused on providing the highest quality experience to our customers without cutting corners to reduce costs. We are proud to let our customers know that an investment in one of our products is a commitment beyond the financial. Precision Devices™ are dedicated to delivering products that continue to pay returns on that investment for years to come and create lasting value














KR Audio Electronics


KR Audio Electronics sro located in Prauge, Czech Republic is a manufacturer of hand-crafted, high quality tubes (all glass is hand blown) and audio equipment. 

Our company began the research to make improved triodes in 1992 and started its life as a tube manufacturer, first with the historic Marconi valve reproduction and then tubes for audio as an OEM up-grade option in hi-end audio amplifiers in 1994. The success we found with our products is a direct result of the comparison between the hand-made KR tube and the mass produced tube made on 60+ year old tube machinery.












German innovation company revolutionizes the entire high-end industry

Since 1985 WBT has been well known to all enthusiasts of the purest sound quality all over the world. Audiophiles admire the technical innovations and the know-how in terms of audio connectors of the company with its headquarters in Essen.

While hifi devices have experienced an enormous technical development, nothing really changed in the connector technology, a quality gap which WBT does fill today.













This “bookshelf” loudspeaker develops a very beautiful sense of space, air and definition. In regards to its size, the bass registers are reproduced with ease and uncommon extension. Recommended for smaller size rooms, the Sirocco 1.0 can also be associated with the V38S active subwoofer, resulting in a 2.1 speaker system of great authority.














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