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Hi-Fi CD


Enthralling audiophile projects are not coming into life for reasons of economic calculations but because of passion. This disc is a classic example for this. The Japanese guitar player Mario Suzuki loves Folklore music and has composed more than 500 pieces in its different styles. Here he is showcasing a colourful mix accompanied by two other guitarists. Combak-Head Kazuo Kiuchi, who is responsible for the elaborate Harmonix accessories and the engaging Reimyo components, had this disc produced in lavish XRCD24 Technology in which a precise external Rubidium-Clock synchronizes all components and thus minimizes jitter and other errors.

Less would not have been fair to the excellent master. That was a half-inch tape running at 76cm/sec on a nearly hiss-free Studer A 820 tape recorder. As a result for all this we get a master’s work, just the “Masterpieces” we were promised on the cover. Its tonal balance, its fluent musicality, the completeness in which it is presented and its precise dynamics are absolutely astounding in their effect-free naturalness. A note to all collectors: The disc number shows that with this hearblood of Mario Suzuki a new series is starting – hopefully with many more masterpieces to come.



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